Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon


2 Tender Cut Filet Mignons per Package


  • Our choicest cut of meat, exceedingly tender and melt in your mouth. The Filet Mignon is taken from the end of the tenderloin. The tenderloin is a non-weight bearing back muscle that doesn’t do a lot of strenuous activity. This leads to the meat being very tender. Only a small amount of Filet Mignon can be harvested from a steer making them very desirable.

    Tenderness is a key feature of the Filet Mignon. Simply season the Filet to your taste, or perhaps kick up the flavor with a bacon wrap, any way you go you're sure to enjoy this melt in your mouth Filet Mignon. Be careful not to overcook the Filet Mignon to maintain its juicy center.


    Package contains two (2) tender cut Filet Mignons.