Date Night Special

Date Night Special


Surprise your someone special with these Akaushi Steak and Ground Beef combos. Each Box includes  Fresh Frozen Ground Beef perfect for hamburgers or your favorite dish, and 2 packs of steaks ready to be cooked hot and fast! These combos are a $60 dollar value for only $50 plus tax.

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  • You don't have to travel to the Big Apple to take a bite out of this special dinner. This box includes 3 pounds of Ground Beef perfect for burgers or your favorite meat dish, and 2 Packs of New York Strips 1-1.2 lb each ready to be cooked Hot and Fast (a total of 4 steaks)!

  • Indulge yourself with this tender and juicy cut of steak, the Filet Mignon is considered to be the best cut of meat and we certainly believe that! This box includes two 8-10 oz Filet Mignons ready to be grilled Hot and Fast to your liking. The Box also includes 3 packs of Akaushi Ground Beef great for Hamburgers or any meat meal!

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