Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket



1 Beef Brisket approximately 6-7.5 lb



  • The Harrison family prides itself in growing the best livestock possible. With the Akaushi cattle this starts with breeding the best stock to get high quality steers. Once the calves are born, they stay at their mothers’ side for around 10 months until they are ready to be weaned. Once weaned the steers can graze on lush rye grass, as they rotate from field to field ensuring the fields are not over grazed. This adds to the sustainability of the farm and is beneficial to the environment so that the land does not decline. In addition to the grass-fed lifestyle the cattle are given a supplement of cotton seed and corn. These supplemental foods round out the steers diet giving them what they need to grow properly.

  • Our steaks are USDA approved at the butcher shop. The quality of beef is some of the best on the market. Akaushi is a special breed of cattle that is selected for more marbling of the fat in the muscular tissue. The bonus of this intense marbling throughout the steak gives the Akaushi Beef its distinct bold flavor and added tenderness.