9.5 months Gestation

We breed Full Blooded Akaushi Bulls to Black Angus Hefiers. The resulting 1/2 Akaushi 1/2 Angus is then registered with the American Akaushi Association to ensure DNA quality. 



15 - 20 months 

The 1/2 Akaushi Steers have the best of both worlds. The Akaushi Genes ensure lots of marbling in the muscle. While the Angus Genes ensure the steer grows faster than its full blood Akaushi kin. 



3-7 months 

Our Cattle live in the pasture 100% of the time. They are rotated from field to field to ensure they have enough grass to eat. They are supplemented with corn mill and cotton seed the last few months to ensure they achieve the proper marbling, all the while grazing in the field. 


1 month

Our fully grown steers are processed at a local USDA Inspected Butcher. The meat is weighed then frozen fresh in vacuum sealed packaging. We then store the meat in freezers ready to be sent to your table.