3rd Generation Beef Cattle Farm

5H is a 3rd generation beef cattle farm owned and operated by Mark and Dana Harrison. Our 5H brand represents our three children as well as my wife and I. For over 20 years, our family has had a passion for raising quality cattle. My wife and I were both raised on dairy farms. We have taken the values passed down from our parents' farms into our own farm. After dairying for years, we transitioned into beef cattle and poultry. We have worked with several different breeds of cattle over the years. Now, we are excited to share a new breed to this area. The breed is called Akaushi. With the challenges of expanding our knowledge of the breed to our community, 5H has adapted the process of raising cattle in order to optimize the quality of meat. 


5H Beef believes that good food bring families together. 5H Beef is a family farm with a passion for providing quality meat to other families and to the community. As our family continues to grow, 5H farm is dedicated to raising, breeding, and delivering the highest quality cuts of meat to families locally and abroad.

Grass Fed Akaushi 

Angus Beef 

Here at 5H Beef we raise the highest quality grass fed beef. Akaushi is a Japanese bred cattle and is one of the four Japanese breeds known as Wagyu. Akaushi beef contains a higher amount of monounsaturated fats relative to saturated fats. Akaushi beef naturally contains intense amounts of marbling.